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A giant surprise in the Midlands

The Windmills

01 Jun 2024

Have you spotted him yet?
There is something or someone that is causing a giant stir in the Midlands! The truth revealed!

It's true.. following months of reported sightings, the astonishing revelation confirms the presence of what appears to be a giant residing beneath our very hill!


Details about this mysterious figure are scarce, as locals are hesitant to approach. One mist-laden morning, the colossal head emerged from the hillside, casting an ominous gaze upon the nearby freeway.


The Legend


According to folklore, giants lie dormant underground for centuries, emerging unexpectedly to unleash chaos and devastation. They are believed to be Nature's response to humanity's reckless behaviour, possessing an almost elemental connection to the Earth.


Throughout history, tales of giants depict them as magical yet formidable beings capable of toppling entire civilizations effortlessly. Some experts speculate that our newfound giant may serve as a scout, assessing humanity's impact on the environment. Depending on his findings, he could either summon a legion of giants to exact vengeance or vanish quietly into obscurity for centuries.


We fervently hope for the latter outcome, urging caution should you encounter him—disturb him not.


The beginning of a giant story


It started 4 months ago, evolving from a mere dream into tangible reality—a giant taking root amidst the hills. Renowned artist Louis van den Heever sketched the concept, sculpted a clay prototype, and meticulously constructed the monumental 10 meter figure on-site, employing a blend of cement, stone, sand bags and wire framing.



Rooted deeply and here to stay


Louis van den Heever's creation, 'The Giant,' has become an integral part of the reserve, sparking widespread fascination throughout the Midlands. Composed of 5 tons of concrete and steel anchored by 5 chains, each weighing 10 tons and dug 2 meters into the mountain, this magnificent artwork stands as a testament to perseverance and creativity. It is a permanent fixture in our beautiful Midlands!

Keeping watch


We stand on guard, knowing that the hills themselves are watching over us.

Come and discover our garden, adorned with breathtaking sculptures designed by South Africa's most promising artists. Prepare to be mesmerized – we guarantee it!

Artist: Louis van den Heever, 2024


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